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Brittany Alicia Merced Pettibone[2] is a catholic[3] Science-Fiction-Author, Activist and YouTuber.[4]

Early Life and Family

Brittany's Parents are Theodore and Sabrina Pettibone, who have 10 Kids.[5] Theodore ran for Kansas-Governor with the Reform-Party in 2002, getting 1.07 Percent of the Vote.[6] Brittany has a Mirror-Image-Twin-Sister, Nicole Pettibone. They "were very close when" they "were young, maybe til Age 8 or 9", "kind of had a Falling-out" and eventually "bonded through Writing".[7] Brittany is Left-handed, Nicole Right-handed. Brittany and Nicole both attended Thomas-Moore-School for their Freshman-Year in Highschool.[5] For their Sophomore-Year,[5] Nicole went to a Boarding-School in New York and Brittany stayed in California, where she was also living in early 2017.[7] T.S. Pettibone is Brittany and Nicole's Pen-Name.[8] One of their Siblings is Isabella Marie Pettibone, a.k.a. Bella,[9][10] who once made a Video with them and is younger than them.[11] Bella is originally from Gilroy, California[10] and will apparently get married to Abraham on the 7th of September 2019.[12] Another of their Siblings is Hannah Pettibone.[13] Another of their Siblings is Natasha Ann Campbell (born Pettibone),[14][15] who apparently got married to John Girard Campbell on the 13th of February 2010.[16][17][18][19] Another of their Siblings is a Male that left for the US-Army-Infantry in early 2017.[20] Brittany has a muslim Uncle.[21]

Relationship with Martin Sellner

In October 2017, "The Daily Beast" reported that Martin Sellner, an Austrian who is Part of the Identitäre Bewegung Österreich (Identitarian Movement Austria, IBÖ), had said he was dating Brittany. The Website stated that Martin and Brittany "sind ein Paar" or "are a Couple" in September 2017.[22][23] On the 30th of August 2018, she wrote on Facebook: "Happiest day. Engaged to the love of my life."[24]



  • Yes, I don't know, I just feel so bad about surrendering it, you know.
    • Answering Question by Lana Lokteff: "So what do you think about Calexit? I mean, I think it's a great Idea, but you live there, so maybe not so much."[25]

Hillary Clinton




  • And something that ... actually that might help normalise it [Paedophilia] is also, you know, importing all this Islam, because Paedophilia is normal in their, you know, Religion, Ideology ... whatever you want to call it. Um, you know, they can be with Children, um, just as long as they like reach Puberty. So like, Age 9, you know, even, they can be with Children. That, to us, is Paedophilia, but to them it's normal.[26]

Millennial Woes

Quotes about her

Millennial Woes

  • Oh mein Gott! What a pair of delightful cuties.


Speaks at Patriots-Day-Rally

On 15 April 2017, Brittany was one of the Speakers at a Pro-Trump-, Pro-Patriots-Rally called the Patriots-Day-Rally.[28]

Visits France during presidential Election

During an Interview with Tim Pool in France shortly after the 2017 French presidential Election, Brittany said that she visited France to witness the Event and show her Support for Marine Le Pen, whose Views on Immigration she agrees with.[29] A little later in the Interview, Tim asked her if she writes for or works for Richard Spencer. She said no, she's not part of the Alt Right and doesn't work for Richard, the only Thing she's done for them is written one Article for, because she heard through Twitter that they wanted someone to write about the DeploraBall,[30] although she does have Friends that are Alt Rightists.[3] On 7 May 2017, Brittany spoke with Henrik Palmgren and Lana Lokteff on Red Ice TV from France.[31]

Pictures with and Rumours about her and Kyle Chapman

During an Interview with Lana Lokteff of Red Ice TV on 16 May 2017, Brittany addressed some Rumours that got started after Pictures of her standing next to Kyle Chapman, one of which showed him with his arm around her, another which showed her standing beside him wearing his Sweater, began floating around the Internet. She said that during the Patriots-Day-Rally in Berkeley on 15 April 2017, she stayed around Kyle for Security-Reasons and these were Pictures of them that Day. This happened while Kyle was still married to Hang "Haley" Ly, which led to Rumours that Brittany was a "Home-Wrecker", an Accusation she vehemently denies.[32][33][34][35]


Detained and deported from the UK

On 10 March 2018, Brittany and her austrian Boyfriend Martin Sellner were detained for two Days in the UK after they landed at Luton-Airport, then deported.[36] Martin had planned on making a Speech at Speakers' Corner in Hyde Park. He had originally been scheduled to speak for Young Independence, the Youth-Wing of the UK-Independence-Party, on the 11th, but the Speech was cancelled due to Security-Concerns. Following this, he had planned on going to the UK anyway and speaking at Speakers' Corner.[37] Brittany had planned on interviewing Tommy Robinson.[38] Brittany tweeted her Deportation-Document:

@MattsOurSemite ridiculed the large Quantity of Grammar-Errors and the Fact that the Government-Agent that filled out the Paperwork wrote that Brittany's Boyfriend Martin Sellner had "admitted" to being a Cofounder of the austrian Branch of "a right wing organization":

Ann Coulter tweeted this:


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