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Daniel Friberg is an alternative rightist Swedish mining tycoon.[1] Daniel is an editor of altright.com,[2] which was launched on 16 January 2017.[3] When he was part of the now-defunct Nordiska förbundet (English: Nordic League), he was involved in launching Metapedia.[4][5][6] According to a YouTube video posted on altright.com, after Daniel attended the Unite the Right Rally at Charlottesville, he and Christoffer Dulny, another Swede who attended the Rally, were banned from the uS.[7]

What he has said about what


This is Part of an Interview, in which Daniel was asserting that when Immigrants commit Crimes in Europe, they very often don't get deported and he was asked if he had any Statistics:

Daniel: There are Plenty of Statistics, but obviously I don't sit with a statistical Chart in Front of me.

One of the Interviewers: So you don't, I mean, I'm just trying to get to the --

Daniel: Well ...

One of the Interviewers: -- bottom of this ... Do you have a Number of People who sort of commit Murders or Rapes who are not deported versus Number ... who commit Murder or Rape who are ... deported from european Countries.

Daniel: No, because I'm not autistic. I don't memorise these Numbers.[8]

Richard Spencer

I share a Lot of Viewpoints with Richard Spencer. I think he's ... a great Guy, I think he's a great Advocate for our Viewpoints ... We kind of come from the same ideological Background. I mean, of Course he ... comes originally ... from ... Mainstream american Conservatism, but he also comes from a Kind of New-Right-, New Rightish, identitarian Background just as myself and he terms himself as an Identitarian, which I've done since 2005 or 2004, I don't remember exactly.[9]

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Nick Griffin

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