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Kyle Chapman (ca. 1976), a.k.a. Based Stick Man, a.k.a. Alt Knight, is a Donald-Trump-Supporter, uS-Nationalist[1] and Founder of the Fraternal Order of the Alt Knights, a Branch of the Proud Boys.[2][3] Kyle supported Ron Paul's presidential Campaigns in 2008 and 2012 and is a Fox-News-Fan. He "doesn’t consider himself a racist or a member of the" Alt Right. In Fact, he says: "No one trolls me harder than the Alt Right. They are f**king relentless."[4] Kyle resides in Daly City, California. He was convicted for grand Theft in San Diego County in 2001 and Robbery in Texas in 1993.[5]

Early Life and Education

At ComicCon on 23 July 2017, Kyle said: "I went to School in San Diego and Houston. So I grew up between Texas and California, Texafornian." [6]

Personal Life

Kyle has a half asian Son[4] and was married to Hang "Haley" Ly, an asian Woman who works as a Paralegal for Uber,[7][8] but on 23 July 2017 at Comic-Con in San Diego, he said: "I'm single again ... We'll see what happens, Man. I'm new on the Market, so, we'll see what's crackin'. Definitely, uh, white Women, I think, are the most beautiful Women on Earth. So, that's most likely what's going to happen."[9]

What he says about what

Being white


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  • "This Ideology [Communism] spread like a Cancer and infected the World since its Inception."[10]


  • "Freedom today faces many grave Threats. As I've already outlined, the gravest of them all is the unholy Alliance between Communism, Globalism and radical Islam ... I refer to this evil Trinity as 'Neo-Marxism' and it must be destroyed before taking over America, it must be stopped."[11]


  • "In America today, Communism has primarily spread under the Guise of Socialism, democratic Socialism. Now we all know: Is there really a Difference between Communism and Socialism? No, there is not, they are one and the Same. There is no Difference between Communism and Socialism. To quote Vladimir Lenin, 'Socialism is Communism'."[12]

The Alt Right

  • "Alt Right was taken away from the Right by the Left and given to People that are like white nationalist and white supremist. 'Alt Right' initially meant 'Alternative from the Neocon-Mainstream-Norm of the Rightwing'. So any Alternative outside of the John McCains, the Mitch McConnells, the Mitt Romneys, all these S**theads that have essentially betrayed us and are Pawns of the globalist System. Uh, but what the Left has done is they've taken ... and it was something to unify all these Groups, so -- Paleoconservatives, Libertarians, american Nationalists, they all kind of fit under this Banner of 'Alt Right'. Steve Bannon himself even said that 'Breitbart' was a Platform for the Alt Right. I certainly don't think he would make that Statement if at that Time the Alt Right was related with, you know, white nationalist Groups ... Because at that Time 'Alt Right' was simply, like I said, outside of the Neocon-Mainstream-Norm. And I think at some Point we should take that back from the Left, we should take that back, uh, 'cause it's not such a terrible Term that it's meant out to be."[13] (Steve Bannon and Kyle in Picture below.)


Participation in March 4 Trump Rally

Kyle became a Meme after he hit an Antifa-Demonstrator on the Head with a Stick at a Rally in Berkeley called the March 4 Trump Rally.[1] He was arrested and could be charged with up to six Felonies.[1][14] A legal Defence Fund was set up for him on,[14] but it got changed to[15] On 7 March, Kyle announced that it had been decided that he was not to be charged at that Time, which meant that the Case would either be dropped or he would be charged at a later Date.[16]

Participiation in Patriots-Day-Rally in Berkeley on 15 April 2017

Kyle was, along with Brittany Pettibone, Lauren Southern and Vaughn Neville, one of the Speakers at a the Patriots-Day-Rally on 15 Arpil 2017 in Berkeley.[17] As reported by Journalist Tim Pool, he was arrested around 3:09 p.m.

Has Surgery for detached Bicep

Kyle wrote on 23 June 2017 on Instagram that one of his Arms had suffered a fully detached Bicep from the Second Battle of Berkeley and that he would have Surgery on the 24th.[18]

Fight with David Fadda

On 8 July 2017, Kyle had an Argument with David Fadda of Liberty Revival Alliance that turned into a Fight. Kyle accused David of slandering his Name, to which David responded by accusing him of associating with white Nationalists. Kyle had met with Nathan Damigo and that is why David was accusing him of associating with white Nationalists. Kyle acknowledged having spoken with Nathan and accused David of trying to ruin a Rally. David accused him of "going after Rich Black", the Founder of Liberty Revival Alliance and Organiser of both the 8 March and the 15 April Berkeley Rallies. As Kyle got closer, saying: "Black's a f***ing C**t", David pushed him, which led to a Fight. Despite only being able to use one Arm due to his other Arm, which was recovering from Surgery, being in a Sling, Kyle nearly knocked David to the Ground.[19][20]

Pleads not guilty to Charges stemming from March-4-Trump-Rally

On 5 September 2017, Kyle pleaded not guilty "to a felony charge stemming from when he allegedly brandished a leaded stick" at the March 4 Trump Rally. He "is scheduled to return to Alameda County Superior Court on Oct. 12 for a hearing at which prosecutors are to turn over evidence in the case to his defense attorney, John Noonan."[5]

Arrested and jailed after driving on federal Land, posts Bail

On 19 December 2017, Kyle "was arrested when he drove his truck off-road onto sand on federal land" and "was reportedly found to be in possession of a Kubotan keychain, a sharp metal instrument marketed as a self-defense tool". Judge Yolanda Northridge ruled his being in Possession of the Keychain to be a Violation of Bail-Terms "and raised his bail from $135,000 to $400,000". "Having some means to defend myself is of potentially Life-saving Importance", said Kyle. By 23 December he was out of Jail after posting Bail.[21]

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