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Lacy MacAuley (30 October 1978)[1][2] is an anarchist, antifascist, leftist[3] Activist based in DC.[4] In 2017, she has protested against, debated or been videotaped near People who are Part of the alt Right or alt Right light, such as Daniel Friberg, Lauren Southern and Jack Posobiec.[5][6][7] Lacy calls the alt Right the alt Reich.[8] She has a Twin Sister named Lorien[9][10] and a Sister named Christiann.[11][12] In Summer of 2016, Lacy became Communications Specialist for Second Story, an Organisation which provides Shelter for Runaways and homeless Youth and Support for Youth in the North Virginia Area.[13][14]

Charged at 2010 G20 Toronto Summit, Charges dropped

Toronto Police threw Lacy to the Ground during the 2010 G20 Toronto Summit. She was charged with Assault of a Peace Officer, but the Crown withdrew the Charge on 23 August 2010.[2]

Relationship with Turkish Man in Turkey

Lacy went to Turkey during the November 2015 G20 Antalya Summit, where she met a male Activist she fell in Love with and talked to every Day when she went back to the US. She returned to Turkey in February of 2016 with "the promise of love driving" her forward. The Man, she alleges, turned out to be fond of Alcohol and a Cocaine User and abusive and controlling, telling her who she could interview or befriend on Facebook, threatening to burn her with Cigarettes and raping her "All the time." "After the first few weeks", she says, she "thought about leaving every day." Around May of 2016, she was able to catch a Flight back to her native US. She resisted writing about her Experience for two Months, because she "did not want to feed into the narrative of Muslim men being aggressive" or "fuel hatred or racism".[15]

2015 and 2016

Role in Disrupt J20

Lacy was the Spokeswoman and one of the lead Organisers of DisruptJ20.[8] After Project Veritas released what it claimed to be a Sting Video that uncovered a Plot "to release stink bombs made of butyric acid at the Deploraball event", Lacy sent a Statement to that made the Claim that the People Project Veritas met with, the DC Antifascist Coalition, who were allied with her, were only pretending to be plotting to do this as a Countersting Operation, "to unmask suspect infiltrators".[16] Three People involved with the DC Antifascist Coalition/Disrupt J20, Scott Ryan Charney, Paul "Luke" Kuhn and Colin Dunn, later admitted it was a real Plot and received light Sentences.[17]


Tells DC Police "nothing happened" after Jack Posobiec is punched

On 23 April 2017,[18] Lacy was near Jack Posobiec when he was punched by a young Man in Washington, DC. As the Police, who just happened to be passing by and witnessed what happened, were arresting the young Man, she said repeatedly, in an Effort to dissuade them from arresting him: "Nothing happened, nothing happened".[19]

Protests AmRen 2017

Lacy was at the 28-30 July 2017[20] American Renaissance Conference, which was held in the Ballroom at Montgomery State Park in Burns, Tennessee,[21] protesting with other antifascist Protesters. She had a Conversation with Daniel Friberg, who asked her: "So, how does it feel like to fight against your own People's Interests?" She replied: "It feels amazing to actually fight for the Cause of what the World should be like, actually, the Love that the World should actually have." Daniel asked: "Really? Do you believe in Multiculturalism?" She replied: "I believe that actually everything that we have done as a People is better because of Differences." She pointed out that he was drinking Coffee, to which he replied that he wasn't against cultural Exchange, he was against Mass Migration.[22]

Protests Mother of All Rallies

On 16 September 2017, Lacy protested the pro-Trump[23] Mother of All Rallies in DC, where she alleges she received Protection from 3 Percenters or Oath Keepers (she doesn't know which of the two) and Police after being "circled" by some Trump Supporters and called "Antifa", which she says she is proud to be a Part of.[24]


Charged with Felony after protesting Richard Spencer at Michigan State University

On 5 March 2018, Lacy participated in Protests against Richard Spencer, who was speaking at Michigan State University. She was charged with resisting and obstructing Police, a Felony.[25]

Goes to Court

Tweets that she got no Jail-Time from her Arrest on 5 March

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