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Martin Sellner (8 January 1989)[1] is a Coleader of the Identitäre Bewegung Österreich (IBÖ) or Identitarian Movement Austria and Cofounder of the same Movement in Germany.[2] "The Daily Beast" calls Martin the Leader of the IBÖ and says that the IB (Identitarian Movement) is "frequently described as alt-right".[3] Martin sees the IB as Part of the new Right and describes it as paneuropean.[4] Theodore Shoebat, who interviewed Martin, says he is "a major speaker for PEGIDA in Germany, he is always featured on the Alt-Right media, corresponds for Breitbart as the face of the movement [the IB] throughout Europe’s continent".[5]

Relationship with Brittany Pettibone

"The Daily Beast" reported in October 2017 that Martin had said he and Brittany Pettibone were dating.[3] On the 30th of August 2018, she wrote on Facebook: "Happiest day. Engaged to the love of my life."[6]

Patriot Peer

Martin is developing an App called Patriot Peer, which "gives you the ability to actually see how many other patriots are around you".[7][8][9]


A World-Government

  • World-Government = World-Conquest = World-War[10]

Arnold Schwarznegger

  • Some People have compared my Accent to the one of Schwarznegger, I think the Accent is the only Thing we have in common.[11]


  • [N]ow we really want to go for a conquista [Late Latin for "Conquest"[12]], a patriotic Change.
    • During a YouTube-Video published on 12 January 2018, in which he was celebrating Sebastian Kurz's electoral Win.[13]


  • I'm an austrian Patriot and identitarian Activist.[14]


  • World-Peace = total Elimination of Confict = Equality-Madness[15]

Quotes about him

Natasha Strobl

  • He was Part of the Neonazi-Scene and the most well-known Figure of the Neonazis, Gottfried Küssel, was his Mentor.
    • As quoted by the BBC.[16] Natasha is a Coauthor of the Book "Die Identitären: Handbuch zur Jugendbewegung der Neuen Rechten in Europa" or "The Identitarians: Handbook on the young People's Movement of the New Right in Europe".[17]


Twitter-Conversation with Richard Spencer

Martin responded to a Tweet by @Millennial_Matt:

Richard Spencer responded with a Tweet, after which a Conversation between Martin and Richard ensued:

Subthread 1

Subthread 2

Subthread 3

Reply 1

Reply 2

Reply 3

Detained and deported from UK

On the 9th March 2018, Martin and his US-Girlfriend Brittany Pettibone were detained for two Days in the UK after they landed at Luton-Airport, then deported.[18] Martin had planned on making a Speech at Speakers' Corner in Hyde Park. He had originally been scheduled to speak for Young Independence, the Youth-Wing of the UK-Independence-Party, on the 11th, but the Speech was cancelled due to Security-Concerns. Following this, he had planned on going to the UK anyway and speaking at Speakers' Corner.[19] Brittany had planned on interviewing Tommy Robinson.[20]

Attempts to enter UK again

On the 13th of April 2018, Martin attempted to enter the UK again to attend a private Generation Identity conference in London on the 14th.[21] On the 13th of April 2018, at 6:23 p.m. local time in Austria, he tweeted: "Dear UK you can read my speech word by word as soon as I’ve landed in London. @SadiqKhan".[22] Two hours later, at 7:23 p.m. local time in the UK, he tweeted: "Just landed ;)".[23] 43 minutes later, at 8:06 p.m. local time, he tweeted: "They stopped me at the passport control ;)".[24] Both Martin and Hungarian Ábel Bódi, who was due to attend the same conference, were detained at London Stansted Airport.[21] At 9:07 p.m. London time, Generation Identity tweeted that Martin had been taken into custody again, but that the conference would still be held.[25] On its Web site, Generation Identity stated that "The idea that either of these two individuals are 'dangerous' is clearly ludicrous – as is the notion that a major disturbance could occur at a private event, attended only by our supporters".[26][27] At 7:45 p.m. London time on the 15th, Martin tweeted that he was "out of detention and heading back to Vienna".[28] Approximately an hour later, he tweeted these two tweets:

Trolled for physical appearance

On 10 April 2018, responding to someone who had written somewhere: "Sellner looks like a Hebrew. Could it really be that he plays fast and loose? Unfortunately, everything is possible. The Jungzionisten [early 20th century Zionists who didn't accept a plan to create an Israel in Uganda, the Uganda Scheme, rather than Palestine[29]] are represented everywhere", Martin tweeted: "I love these comments. Every time they bring a grin to my already senile face. Is there anything more delightful than these simpletons?"

House searched by government

On the morning of 26 April 2018, a government search of Martin's house as well as IBÖ coleader Patrick Lenart's house, four other private residences and four additional locales, was conducted, as confirmed to "Der Standard" by Graz prosecutor Christian Kroschl and in an IBÖ Facebook post posted on the 27th.[30][31] "Among other things, storage devices and documents that are extremely important for our political work were seized", stated IBÖ in the Facebook post. "Additionally, because of this pressure, our Hungarian bank terminated our donations account last night."[30] The prosecutor was investigating whether there was a violation of paragraph 278 of Austria's criminal code, "formation of a criminal organisation", punishable by up to three years behind bars, or paragraph 283 of Austria's criminal code, "incitement", punishable by up to five years behind bars. On top of this, they were being accused of damage to property.[31]


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