Nasim Aghdam


Nasim Najafi Aghdam (نسیم نجفی اقدم,[1] Urmia, Iran,[2] 5 April 1979 – 3 April 2018),[3] a.k.a. Nasime Sabz (نسیم سبز, English: Green Nasim or Green Breeze),[4][5] a.k.a. Vegan Green Nasim (نسیم سبز وگان),[6] was an iranian-US-american Social-Media-Star that lived near San Diego and was popular in her native Iran.[5] Some of the Topics her Content touched on were Veganism, Animal-Cruelty and Exercise.[7] She published YouTube-Videos in English, Farsi and Turkish.[8] According to "The New York Times", Nasim was a Baha'i and a Vegan.[5] She described herself as a "Persian Azeri female vegan bodybuilder".[4]

Early Life

Nasim was born in Urmia, Iran and her Family spent a Year and a half in Turkey. She entered the United States around the late 80s.[9]

Participation in PETA-Protest at Camp Pendleton

In August 2009, Nasim participated in a PETA-Protest at Camp Pendleton, California against the Use of Pigs in Military-Trauma-Training. She held a Sign that said: "SUPPORT OUR TROOPS REJECT ANIMAL TESTS". She said: "For me, Animal-Rights equal human Rights".[10]


Motive and Warning-Signs

YouTube was Nasim's only Source of Income.[3] She had said YouTube was "ruining her Life".[11] Naseem's Brother warned Police she "might do something". Her Father, Ismail Aghdam,[12] told Police she was upset that YouTube "had done something to her Videos".[13] According to a female Relative of hers, Nasim had been angry at YouTube for a Year before the Shooting.[14][2] In one Video, she said that YouTube was putting Age-Restrictions on her Videos when she didn't think the Content deserved to be Age-restricted. She believed that her vegan Activism wasn't "good for big Businesses".[15] Two Weeks before the Shooting, Nasim complained that she wasn't getting any Money from YouTube. Two Days before the Shooting, she stopped answering her Phone.[9]


Nasim drove from her Home near San Diego to YouTube-Headquarters at 901 Cherry Avenue, San Bruno, California, where she wounded three People and killed herself with a Gunshot to the Heart[16] on 3 April 2017 at approximately 12:40 p.m. 11 Hours before the Shooting, at around 1:40 a.m., she was found by Police, who were searching for her because she was reported missing, sleeping in her Car, but Police say: "[S]he in no way met any reason for us to speak with her further or possibly detain her".[5][17][9][18] They had a Roughly-20-Minute-Interaction with her.[13] Police arrived on the Scene of the Shooting at approximately 12:48 p.m.[11] The Weapon she used was a legally purchased semi-automatic 9mm-Smith-&-Wesson-Pistol, which she fired at a Range earlier that Day near YouTube-Headquarters.[14]

Reaction from Family

Foruzan Ghodrattolah, an Uncle of Nasim's, said he was shocked about the Shooting and that every Time she found an Insect in her Home, "She would always take the Insect outside and free it". A female Relative said: "I'm so sorry for those People [she] shot".[2] Ismail Aghdam expressed Shock that his Daughter never hurt an Ant, but she shot People. He said she was not a Terrorist.[3]

What Others have said about her

Jacob Wohl

Laura Loomer

Maram Susli

Maram Susli,[19] known as Partisangirl on Twitter, tweeted this:

Later, Maram tweeted this:

Pardes Seleh


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