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Tara McCarthy is a YouTuber. The Anti-Defamation-League considers her Part of the Alt Right.[2] She has interviewed Jared Taylor,[3] Nathan Damigo,[4] Richard Spencer,[5] Greg Johnson and Andrew Anglin.[6] She has also jointly interviewed Stephen Yaxley-Lennon[7] as well as Lauren Southern[8] with Brittany Pettibone. Tara recounts her Beginnings in the Vlogosphere thusly: "I actually started a vegan YouTube-Channel, so, I'm vegan, and I just started to like tell everyone else to go vegan on this Channel, but then I started realising like more important Things were going in the World and so basically started talking about that Kind of Stuff and now it's like a Full-Time-Thing."[9]

Bodybuilder and YouTuber Marcus Follin, a.k.a. The Golden One, says he knew Tara "since before the great Crusade", Autumn of 2015. Marcus says he didn't "redpill" her, rather "she took the red Pill herself".[10] When he met her, Summer of 2015, he says "she was a Vegan with questionable Views".[11] She has been a Vegan since around late 2014.[12]

A Redditor, who claims to have known "her when she was younger", claimed on 6 November 2017 that she used to go by "Tarasita Hanrahan"[13][14] and posted a Link to a Picture on Imgur, which the Redditor claims is her in 2010.[15][14]

Personal Life and Background

When asked what part of Britain her Accent is from, Tara says: "My Accent is not representative of any particular Area of London or the UK, it's actually just my unique Hodgepodge of an Accent."[16] Tara's maternal Grandmother is of half indian Ancestry[17] and Tara's Mother's Mother's Mother, from whom Tara inherited german Blood,[18] was half jewish.[19] Tara's Mother's Mother's Mother's Mother was a Christian,[20] which is to say that Tara's Mother's Mother's Mother's Father must have been a Jew, given that Tara describes her Mother's Mother's Mother as half jewish.[19] Tara has both british and irish Citizenship, her Father is 100 Percent irish, her Mother half welsh.[18] Tara is agnostic.[21] She went to a School where Whites were the Minority. [22] She says:

My own Mother would not let me go to a better School -- that I had the Opportunity to go to through Scholarship -- because it was too white.[23]
My Great-Grandad was an indian Guy, so, and he married a Woman who was like half Jew, half Christian, like she actually went to Synagogue and Church, Saturday, Sunday.[19]
By Blood I have 2 Percent Ashkenazi-Genes, according to 23andMe.[24]

On 10 March 2017, Tara said she was engaged.[25] The Picture below strongly resembles New Yorkian[26] Bodybuilder and YouTuber Cory McCarthy, with whom she made a Video in or before Mid-2016.[27]

On the 27th of August, Tara tweeted that she was taken:

On the 29th of August 2018, Tara tweeted that Cory was selling T-Shirts, posting a Picture of a T-Shirt Cory McCarthy showed in a YouTube-Video.[28]

What she has said about what

Alt Right

Like as someone who is marginally of mixed Race, obviously it's not necessarily in my best Interest to promote the Alt Right -- in my personal best Interest. Um, but you have to look at it from a bigger Perspective, like what's actually in your People's best Interest. So that's kind of my Approach.[29]


Angela Merkel

I certainly wouldn't be protesting if someone decided to string up Angela Merkel, um, but that's, you know, that's just me ... I hate her, I do hate her, but, you know, technically it would be nice if we didn't hate Humans, but rather focused on the Ideas that are a Problem.[30]


I don't think civic Nationalism ever works. I think Ethnonationalism is what we previously called Nationalism.[31]


Do we really want to be a Globe full of Morons? Personally, I don't see that as a very good Future, but that's where we're going unless we start using voluntary eugenic Policy. I'm not saying: 'Let's go out and kill People', I'm not saying: 'Let's go out and forcibly sterilise People or force People to have an Abortion', [I'm] totally not saying that. I'm just saying that we can use Policy in a particular Way that, you know, encourages more intelligent People to have Children and discourages less intelligent People from having Children in a Way that is a Win-Win-Situation.[32]

Gavin McInnes





  • Um, and Guys, I'm not saying Jews aren't a Problem, okay? Remember that we have to speak very carefully, because we're speaking on a jewish-owned Platform.
    • During a Q-and-A with Millennial Woes on Youtube[33]

Jordan Peterson



Refugees and Asylum-Seekers


On 14 January 2018, Tara tweeted:

That Guy T

This is a Conversation Tara had with Richard Spencer during the Episode of "This Week on the Alt Right" that was livestreamed on 15 December 2017:

Tara McCarthy: I've had a Number of black Men and Women contacting me and telling me that they totally get it. So ... I don't see anything wrong with kind of allying with these People. Someone actually did send in a Question, asking, um, you know: 'Is it worth, uh, specifically reaching out to ... People who do want to be, um, supportive of what we're doing here, People of Colour'. I know a Guy called That Guy T, I think?

Richard Spencer: Oh, yeah.

Tara McCarthy: I'm not sure if it's the Guy, but one of those ... Guys. 'That black Guy' or something like that. I can't remember which one, but, um, they have been, you know, at least open to and not hostile towards what we're saying. And I actually think that there are a Number of black People who, um, who are in that Situation. So Richard, what do you think, is it worth ... should we be, you know, trying to ally with these People? Um, and how would that work?

Richard Spencer: Right, maybe 'Ally' isn't the right Word ... you know, maybe it's possible, maybe it's not, but ... encountering them, having a Conversation, I think we absolutely should ... I've actually tweeted about this and I think there's even a Bit of a Story on this, that Louis Farrakhan, a noted black Muslim in the united States, made some Kind of Outrage, he said something nice about the Alt Right ... that they're ... 'very intelligent People' or something like that. Um, and I think I tweeted back, you know ... 'a Conversation' is possible ... I do absolutely believe a Conversation is possible. If I can have a Conversation with white Liberals, then I can certainly have a Conversation with someone that is far more based. So, yeah, I think ... this would be an interesting Move in 2018, for us to engage with Nationalists of other Races. [34]

The Rebel Media

You know, Rebel Media is evidently Alt Light, fine. You want to be Alt Light? Fine, I don't care.[35]




Answering the Question: "Are you a Zionist?", Tara has said:

You know, I'm not really sure exactly what Zionism means -- or what it means to you -- so all I can say is I'm against foreign Interventionism ... I'm pro Ethnonationalism for all People. So make what you will of it.[36]

What others have said about her

Peter Starzomczyk


First Interview with Richard Spencer

On 28 March 2017, Tara interviewed Richard Spencer for the first Time, something her Viewers had been asking her to do "for quite a While".[37] The Video later became unavailable on YouTube,[38] but Tara uploaded a Copy of it onto archive.org.[37]

Appears to consider leaving the Alt Right

As shown by a Screenshot of her Twitter on 4 December 2017, Tara appears to have considered leaving the Alt Right:

On 11 December 2017, Marcus Follin made a Video titled "The Reason I Defend Tara McCarthy" in Response to what he perceived as Attacks on his Friend Tara, saying: "I feel, to a certain Extent, responsible for ... her, that she wanted to join this Crusade".[39]


Takes Time off from youtubing

Expresses Interest in getting back to making Videos

On the 27th of August 2018,[40] Tara started suddenly uploading YouTube-Videos to her YouTube-Channel Tara McCarthy again. On the 28th, she made a YouTube-Video wherein she said she was "wanting to get back into making Videos", but that she couldn't have a "regular Show" because of her Circumstances at the Moment and was hoping to be able to do that sometime after Christmas.[41]


According to nationalvanguard.org, Tara is preparing a Book titled "Irreplaceable: How and Why We Must Save the West".[42]

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