The Reagan Battalion


The Reagan Battalion or is described by "The Washington Post" as simply "a conservative site". Its Twitter handle is @ReaganBattalion.[1] According to "The Gateway Pundit", YouTuber WildGooseBWC claimed in a Video that a Benny Polatseck, apparently an orthodox Jew, is the Leader of "The Reagan Battalion".[2]

View on race

The official Twitter account of "The Reagan Battalion" tweeted on 7 August 2017: "Just a reminder! Conservatism is color blind, if you are not, you should really go somewhere else!"[3]

Role in Milo Yiannopoulos's "fall from conservative grace"

The Twitter account of "The Reagan Battalion" tweeted out a five-minute-thirty-second clip of an over-two-hour-long video of Milo Yiannopoulos on "The Drunken Peasants" show that led to his "fall from conservative grace" in February 2017.[4] The video had been around since 4 January 2016, was publicly available on YouTube and had been viewed over 250,000 times before it came to the mainstream media's attention.[5][6]

Position on the alt-right

"The Reagan Battalion" is against the alt-right movement. On 10 June 2017, an Oath Keeper briefly choked an alt-rightist who had tried to join a demonstration supporting the statue of Sam Houston in Houston's Hermann Park. The alt-rightist had brought signs containing memes, one of which said: "No blood for Israel". The other Oath Keepers talked the man who was choking him into letting him out of the chokehold, which lasted about five seconds. The alt-rightist was then escorted out of the area by a large group of Oath Keepers, amid jeers from the crowd, and taken to police.[7] The following day, "The Reagan Battalion" posted this tweet, which was apparently addressed to Richard Spencer:

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