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Gina-Lisa Lohfink (born 23 September 1986 in Seligenstadt, Germany) is a German Model, Actress, and Singer.[1] In 2016, Gina-Lisa accused two Men of raping her in 2012. "The Case stirred up a Furore and polarised Germany-wide", says the Deutsche Presse-Agentur.[2]

Family and Details

Gina-Lisa lives with her Mother Petra Meyer (ca. 1961) and her two Half-Sisters Angelina (ca. 1993) and Lorraine (ca. 1994) Meyer near Offenbach am Main. She strongly supports her Half-Sisters financially in their Studies.[3] Gina-Lisa's right Eye is green, her left blue.[4] This doesn't hamper her Vision. She has to watch her Caffeine-Intake.[3]


In 2016, Gina-Lisa alleged that on 2 June 2012, she was given Knockout-Drops and subsequently raped by two Men, a Sebastian Castillo Pinto and a Pardis Fardjad-Azad. She was then accused of making false Accusations against them.[5][6][7][2] There is a Video in which she can be heard saying "No" and "Stop". The Prosecutor believed that she wasn't saying she didn't want the Sex, but rather that she was saying she didn't want to be filmed.[8]

On 8 August 2016, an Elena H. alleged that in 2004, Sebastian Castillo Pinto had given her a Cocktail at a Berlin-Nightclub, and that she woke up 12 Hours later feeling Pain in her genital Area. She said that Sebastian was with her in her Apartment when she woke up.[9]

On 23 August 2016, Gina-Lisa was fined 20,000 Euros for asserting she was raped. Gina-Lisa's Lawyer Burkhard Benecken said he would discuss with her whether she wanted to appeal.[10]


In June 2017, Gina-Lisa received a Court-Order to stop making the Accusation that she was raped. A civil Lawsuit was announced against Gina-Lisa for 100,000 Euros for alleged Defamation.[2]

In September 2017, Soccer-Player Emir Kücükakgül (ca. 1994), who had been Gina-Lisa's Boyfriend since May 2015, broke up with her for what appears to have been the second Time.[11][12][13] He claimed that he had "financed her completely", including paying her Rent.[12] The first Time they broke up appears to have been in January 2017[11] and they had gotten together again in April 2017.[13]

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